Your Hosts for Your Tuscan Cooking Experience!

Natives of Texas, Bill owned a large real estate company for 30 years and Patty was a commercial artist. However, their love of cooking was always foremost in their minds. Bill also owned a gourmet products store, taught cooking classes, and studied with many of the greats chefs—Julia Child, Jacques Pepin, and Wolfgang Puck.

Over the years, Bill and Patty found Tuscany to be the object of their mutual affection. So in 1998, they bought their house in Tuscany. Podere Poggio Castagni is a 300-year-old stone farmhouse that sits atop its own hill, surrounded by vineyards and olive trees. Falling in love with the Tuscan lifestyle and cooking, Bill and Patty decided to share their experiences with others by opening a cooking school. With a healthy offering of Texas hospitality and traditional Tuscan cooking, they help visitors experience Tuscany in a unique way.

Bill and Patty did not want to start an ordinary cooking school with celebrity chefs. They wanted people to learn Tuscan cooking from the source. They wanted their guests to get wrist-deep in pasta dough and learn from the real masters—the local Tuscan women.

“When we first moved here, we found the best meals we ever had came from the local women—better than any of the restaurant, better than any of the Tuscan chefs. We decided to center our program on the old techniques, methods, and recipes passed down over the generations. When you are invited to a local woman’s home for a meal, it is a four-hour affair. Plate after plate of appetizers, three or four pastas, numerous meat courses, and an endless supply of desserts.”

Giving the students an appreciation of Tuscany doesn’t stop in the kitchen.

“We want our guests to experience something totally different, totally authentic. The comments we get most often from our guests is that they never would have been able to have these experiences on our own as a tourist.”

Join Bill and Patty and the local Tuscan women for a magical week with Tuscan Women Cook.

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