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The Teachers of Your Tuscan Cooking Classes!

While the restaurants throughout Italy have wonderful cuisine, we’ve found the very best cooks in all of Tuscany are the local Tuscan women. Our Tuscan women teach recipes and techniques passed down from generation to generation over the centuries—the truly great cooking of Tuscany.

The women of our village of Montefollonico are exceptional cooks. From a Michelin-starred chef to modest, but incredible home cooks, the women of Tuscan Women Cook will delight you. In our daily classes, we normally use the services of more than one of our delightful cooks.

Our local cooks grow most of the ingredients for each class in their own home gardens. Eggs come from their chickens—wild boar comes from their husband’s skills—tomatoes and fresh zucchini flowers are picked just before the morning’s class.

Seasonal cooking, green methods of gardening, sustainable food products, slow food, local suppliers and purveyors—these are not new concepts to these Tuscan women, rather these are methods and concepts that have been passed down over the generations and are still practiced today.

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Meet the Tuscan Women cooks below. ↓ ↓ ↓

Dania is the owner of the Hotel & Ristorante La Chiusa. Her skill in the kitchen has been reviewed in most every language in every travel magazine in the world. The New York Times says a meal from Dania is “a voyage of rediscovery.” Watch Dania make risotto here.
Iolanda worked at La Chiusa for 27+ years. She has long been a favorite with our guests, and many of the best recipes and techniques come from this wonderful woman. Think the world’s best tiramisù. Watch Iolanda make tiramisù here.
Bruna—One evening we walked in a new local restaurant and were served delicious gnocchi. “My mother made it for the restaurant,” the young chef told us. Now the chef’s mother teaches for Tuscan Women Cook.
Francesca is one of the best home cooks we have ever encountered. Her skills include all phases of Tuscan cuisine. Each year, she is one of the local women selected to cook for the Festa della Unita in our village.
Isa makes “the best” melanzane parmigiano ever! Her daughter, Paola, owns the Hotel La Costa where you will often find Isa in the kitchen.
Anna always has an infectious smile as she teaches “hands-on” pasta making to our guests. A native of Napoli, she married a good Tuscan boy, moved to Montefollonico and became an excellent Tuscan cook. Watch Anna make pasta with Jane Pauley here.
Orietta makes delicious hand-rolled pici—a specialty of our village. Orietta’s outgoing personality and big smile make her a pleasure to learn from.
Navina—In many of the great Tuscan restaurants, there is one room specifically dedicated to making pasta, along with one woman who hand-makes all pasta. Navina has been in charge of pasta at La Chiusa for 17 years.
The Bernadini Family are our closest neighbors. An invitation to their home for dinner is very special. They grow their own vegetables, livestock, grapes and olives for oil. They cook for their guests at her agriturismo and make exceptional dishes in their wood-fired oven. Watch the Bernadini's make pasta here.
Ima can sometimes be heard saying, “stretch” or “gently” to our guests while teaching classes. It is English she has learned by listening to our guests. She is an exceptional cook.
Simonetta owns 13 Gobbi restaurant in our village along with her husband Albo. As with most small restaurant kitchens in Tuscany, the best cooks are women like her.
Roll up your sleeves and learn the recipes and techniques passed down over the generations from the women of Tuscany! Reserve your place now!