I awake in my dark (thank you black-out curtains), cool hotel room, blissfully unaware of the time; thrilled to discover I slept past 11, unheard of in my life back home. I languished in bed surrounded by my travel notes and began to plan my final day in Rome. I heard Trastevere was a great foodie destination and since I had never been, I decided to make a day of it. I noticed on the map that just across the river from Trastevere was Volpetti, Rome’s oldest delicatessen. As a deli-loving Jewish woman, how could I pass that up? I took a taxi there andRead More →

I could have reached across the desk to kiss the hotel receptionist who kindly checked me in at 8am, seven hours before official check-in time. Could it have been my fragrant “overnight-on-an-airplane” ensemble that included a bent ponytail that defied gravity? Absolutely. I took a long, luxurious hot shower and tucked myself into the soft, white sheets for a catch up nap. I set the alarm for 1:30pm and when it chimed me awake, I bolted out of bed and headed out the door. Nowhere to be and all day to get there. Rome is the kind of city that creates indelible memories. And aRead More →

I am really doing this. I am going to learn how to cook authentic Italian food in a small, rustic village in Tuscany. And I am taking this gastronomical journey alone, the ultimate act of self-indulgence. Sure, I have plenty of reasons NOT to take this trip; plenty of work to do and people to take care of, but this trip is a personal challenge. And I am calling my own dare. Want to join me? I’ve packed carefully and thoughtfully for this journey, committing to carry-on only and expertly rolled each article of clothing into my suitcase to maximize my limited space. I tuckedRead More →